3Kelly G killing it at The Strongman Comp

Warm Up & Mobility

3-5 Muscle Ups/ Transitions (even)
3-8 Triple Unders or 15-25 Double Unders / attempts/ Power Jump Singles (odd)
(If you did “Man Cave” yesterday, do 5-10 wall squats on odd minute instead)
Snatch Skill/Warm Up
(Spull+HH+H)  (1+1+1)x 3                      
OTM 5 Snatch  
PS+H+Snatch (focus on proper positioning and speed under the bar)
“The Pistol”
For Time
30 Cleans 185/115
Rest 2 minutes
Deadlifts 185/115
Hand Stand Push Ups
Strength Maxes
Ok, so our first week of strength is in the books. Hopefully most of you got the majority of your maxes in. You should have your 1RM of back squat, front squat, push press and deadlift. This week we will also have a chance for either strict or bench press as well. Don’t worry if you didn’t get your numbers on one of these lifts. When we get back to any version of those lifts, let your Coach know and they will advise on how to go about finding your 1RM. This can always get done at Open Gym. as well. That being said, if you do have your numbers its time to make sure we also hit the additional pre WOD work. Some of you may be individually tweaked by me, but unless stated, stick with alternating method of system. Everyone has been doing the right things so far, don’t be tempted to stray.Big things to come from you guys, trust the programming and you will be the best well rounded athlete you can be. Here we go CFRT!!!