One of Phil D's funny memes

One of Phil D’s funny memes

Warm Up and Mobility

4 Rounds of
40 Seconds of Double Under Practice, 20 Seconds Rest
40 Seconds of  Hollow Hold, 20 Seconds Rest
Warm Up/Skill
Coach lead
OTM 6 Complex
First 3 Minutes
2 x High Hang Power Snatch +  1 OHS
Last 3 Minutes
2 x High Hang Snatch
“A Bets a Bet”
For Time
Front Squats 135/95
30 Ab Mat Sit Ups after each set
*If fried from Mondays Front Squat , you can do back squats*
12 Minute Cap
Internal Throwdowns
Ok so here it is. We didn’t get an overwhelming response for an internal throwdown. But we did get some interest. So I think a good solution is to do an informal monthly throwdown. We can start with partner or Teams and possibly mix in individuals. This may be a good way to get in some good clean fun while also satisfying some peoples competitive cravings. What do you say Rail Trail? It will be held on a weekend day with sign up required.