Woody. Just because he has a great smile :)

Woody. Just because he has a great smile 🙂

Warm Up and Mobility

50% x
60% x 4
75% x 1
85% x 1
95% x 1
101 – 105% + x 1

5 Rounds of Double Under Practice
40 Seconds on, 2o Seconds off
Focused Mobility afterward
Open offseason Work
EMOM 8 10 seconds transition
Max Unbroken C2B, remaining time Handstand Holds (Even)
Max Ring Dips, remaining time hollow hold

“Rex Kwan Do”
For Time
Strict HSPUs
Run 300m after each set


Summer time fun!

We have about 2 months before the Wipeout run at Gillette on Sat Aug 1. Its not too late for those of you thinking about joining the CFRT team!! It is sure to be tons of fun!! Lets start chatting about some other field-trip activities we can do together. Lets hear it peeps! Dates, times, places…go!