Kelly Garabadian  

CrossFit Coach, CrossFit Kids Coach, Strongman Coach

I started CrossFit in 2012, and found not only an amazing fitness program that held my interest and enthusiasm, but also a community of positive, supportive friends. CrossFit added the much needed elements of community support and fun into my pursuit of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. While CrossFit had a huge impact on me both physically and mentally, the friendships and connections I have made have had an equally meaningful impact. Through CrossFit, I finally found a community of positive, supportive people who share my goal of having fun while getting healthy. When I first started CrossFit, I could not run 200 meters without stopping, but I have since completed triathlons, 5k road races, and obstacle courses. I am also a Strongman competitor who holds two national records for Farmers and Yoke carries, and I have qualified for North American Strongman Masters (over 40) Nationals twice. I received my L1 trainer certificate in August of 2013, CrossFit Strongman trainer certificate in February 2014, and CrossFit Kids certificate in April 2015. My primary goal as a coach is to make CrossFit accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of fitness, and to make their fitness journey as fun as humanly possible.


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Kids Trainer
CrossFit Strongman Trainer