Happy Birthday to Lori G!! (Thursday)

Warm Up and Mobility

Oly Skill
Clean Pulls (HH,H,LH floor)
Scarecrow landing drills
Jerk Balance
Power Clean and Jerk

Optional Conditioning
25 x Front Squats (PVC)
30 x Flutter Kicks
25 x Push Press
20 x V Ups
25 x Back Squats
10 x Strict T2B
25 x Back Rack Push Press

This can be modified to fit your needs

“A Billion Years Ago”
Hang Clean Pull + Hang Power Clean,  Low Hang Clean Pull + Low Hang Power Clean + Jerk
Low Hang Clean Pull + Low Hang Power Clean , Clean Pull + Power Clean + Jerk
Power Clean + Jerk

*If your overhead is fried from the week skip the jerks

* Only hold on to bar for the position pull then that subsequent Power Clean. Reset between each position. Goal is too pull to triple extension properly ,then followed up immediately with the power clean to make sure we finish the pull. Dont worry if your confused, the coaches will explain and guide you as always. Just providing you with insight and intent of this EMOM!!