The Crew

Warm Up and Mobility

Partner Workout

“Faking Sick”
Part A
20 x Pull Ups
20 x Push Press 95/65
20 x Back Rack Lunges
20 x SDHP

Part B
10 x DB Snatch 50/35
10 x DB Hang Clean and Jerk
10 x Single Leg Deadlift (5 each leg)
10 x OH Lunges (Alternating)

Every 4 Minutes
Partner 1 works on part A while Partner 2 works on part B. Once part B is completed both partners work together on Part A for the remainder of the 4 minutes. One partner working while one rests.

The next 4 Minutes
Partner 2 Works on Part A while Partner 1 Sprints through Part B. Then again they work together on Part A.

Repeat this format until the 20 minutes is up

Score is total Rounds and Reps of Part A