Warm up and Mobility

Movie Clue – “Oh,my nose!”

Partner Workout 👫👬👭

Opening Day Version 5.0


20 x T2B
20 x Wall Balls 20/14
20 x Box Jump Overs 24/20
20 x Power Clean 135/95
200m Relay Run (100m increments)

15 x T2B
15 x Wall Balls
15 x Box Jumps Overs
15 x Power Clean
200m Relay Run (100m increments)

10 x T2B
10 x Wall Balls
10 x Box Jumps Overs
10 x Power Clean
200m Relay Run (100m increments)

One person works while the other rests

*This is a different variation from the first four years and I added yet again another movement this year.

You should notice that rep scheme is not the same from our Opening Day. There is a big reason for this.  The T2B rep scheme was very light compared to a heavy number of burpees. When doing our outdoor classes we obviously never did T2B but we definitely did Burpees. So the T2B was more of an introduction. Two years ago I made it a partner workout as it fell on Partner Day and made it harder but added in a plate run. And last year you guys have raised the bar so high I lowered the number of burpees down.  The year after I blended the previous years to make it even more fun and challenging! And finally this year I added a barbell but swapped the medball clean for wall balls.😯 (But not a lot of them 🙂) I got rid of the plate run as we are doing 31 Heroes on Sunday. These relays will provide the stimulus I am after for this workout. Notice the burpees did not make a return in this year’s version. You are welcome! 😉

These four years have been amazing, full of awesome experiences with the best people around. Those of you that have been with us from the beginning to those if you just joining and everyone in between , have made this the place to be! All of you have made this place such a warm , supportive environment. This is a place we go and leave all the noise in our lives outside and truly enjoy each others company! We sweat together, laugh together and share all kinds of experiences together! As we get ready to move spaces none of these things will change. In fact our community will only get stronger. Our core and foundation is strong and we will only continue to grow stronger! We love all you guys and cherish everyday we get to spend with you! We are proud and humbled to be your Coaches!!

Please do me a favor and post your name ,when you joined CrossFit Rail Trail and your best memory or experience so far!