Happy Birthday to Joe Berry! (Thursday)

Warm up and Mobility

Bar Muscle Up Progression
– Hollow to Arch
– Ring Rows
– Strict Pull Up
– Kipping Swing
– Kipping Pull Up
– Kipping Chest 2 Bar
– Kipping Hips to Bar
-Transition Drills
– Bar Muscle Up
*Focus is tight Kip’s and pulling back before pull.

One legged Squat Progression
– Air Squat (feet close)
– Single Leg (one foot on toes)
– Single Leg (foot behind leg)
– Single Leg (foot on top of leg)
– Single Leg (step up to box)
– Single Leg (squat to box)
– Single Leg (opposite leg not supported)
* A plate or raised surface is acceptable and encouraged in this skill type setting.
**Focus is maintaining heel on the ground and proper stability throughout the entire rang of motion

Optional Conditioning
10 Rounds of Tabata Calorie Row
(These are sprint intervals, go as hard as you can for the full 20 seconds!)

“Fried Darling”
EMOM 3 (Same minute)
5 x Kipping Chest to Bar Pull Ups
12 x Step Up to Box/plates or Squat to Box/plates
EMOM 3 (Same minute)
5 x Kipping Hips to Bar Pull Ups
10 x Supported One Legged Squats
EMOM 6 (Alternating minutes)
(no more than 40 seconds max reps)
Bar Muscle Ups
Unsupported Single Legged Squats

* This is for quality of the bar Muscle Ups and one legged squats. Keep in mind that we are doing this movement on Sunday. This is designed to prepare for you that workout and not put you in deficit!