Warm Up
(2+1) x 3
Front Squat
50%x 8
60%x 5
75%x 1-2
85%x 1
90-95%x 1
100%+ x 1
If you did yesterdays Metcon “Tuxedo T-shirt” skip the jerks and do the front squat , it will come up again very soon. You can also do it at Open Gym.
“Magic Man”
 Tabata Double or Single Unders
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Flutter Kicks
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Squat Hold
We take pride in our gym, our coaching/programming and most of all in our members. As we have stated since day 1, the facility is still a work in progress. We will continue to work on finishing and always improving upon everything here at CFRT. We will always work diligently to give you the best place possible. The back space has a way to go but eventually will have 14″ more of rig so you can guys can get extra work in while other classes may be running. We will also put a full size fridge back there among other things. We are very serious when we say we are a community driven CrossFit Box. We want you guys to be as comfortable as possible and have a place where you can hang out and have fun, not just workout and go home. We want you to be able to call CFRT your home! We will host hangouts, BBQ’s, movie and date nights etc. We are just getting things started. However, a couple things need to be mentioned. First, we have a lot of big work still to do. So our off hours on the weekends will be spent getting that done. So we don’t want you guys to think that we are just saying we will do cool stuff and never do it. We just need to get the “heavy” lifting done and all the fun activities will be coming. Second, we want to hear from you! Our customer service is only as good as the feedback we get from you. Please let us know what you would like to see at CFRT. Anything from bathroom comfort items, events, equipment, Coaching, whatever. Let us know what you think overall so far. We will ALWAYS strive to bring you the best, so your feedback is essential and very much appreciated. As previously stated bare with us while we finish the facility, and we will still do fun things while we do. Keep up the hard and smart training you guys have been doing and continue to bond together as a community!!