Sloane Stewart, little one of the great and powerful David Stewart (Stewie)

Warm Up and Mobility

Warm Up/ Skill
Push Jerk + Split Jerk
(1+1) x 3
Split Jerk
(If you did “100% Pure Adrenaline” do Strength)
Back Squat
60% x 10
70% x 8
80% x 3-5
70% x 6
60% x 8
“Bodhi Zafa”
Death By Strict Pull Up
*Not a true death by as there is a 12 minute cap*  Coaches will have alternate movements
Big Weekend
Hey CFRT, we have a bunch of our peeps getting after it this weekend. Saturday Tough Mudder in Westbrook Maine.  Gary, Laurie,Kristy, Duane, Anna, Judy , Joe and Phil are all getting after this difficult obstacle racing course.  On Sunday Marie will be attacking this course as well! Also on Sunday Coach PJ, Matt aka Gaff, and Michelle C will be competing in the Reebok Nor’ easter Team competition in Rye NH.  We wish everyone the best of luck and show your support on FB, here or in person if you can!! Also at Tsongas Center in Lowell on Sunday is the first NPGL (National Pro Grid League) Boston Iron vs Miami Surge. Hopefully getting some tickets to be able to check out this first of its kind event. So if you can make it out to NH, maybe go check out this exciting competition. Compete hard and honorably CFRT Warriors and most of all, HAVE FUN!!