Mike M, aka Mondello, Mondo

Mike M, aka Mondello, Mondo

Warm Up and Mobility

Warm Up/Skill
(High Hang+Hang+Snatch)
1+1+1 x 3
1 RM


Front Squat
65% x 8
75% x 6
85% x 3-5
75% x 6
65% x 8
“Lone Wolf”
As many rounds as you can in two minutes of
4 x Thrusters 95/65
6 x Hang Clean
8 x Back Rack Lunges
20 x Double Unders
Rest 1 Minute, Repeat x 3 for a Total of 4 Rounds

CFRT Member Feedback/Suggestion Program;


Hey Rail Trail, part of building a community is through open and honest communication. We would like your open & honest feedback/suggestions to help us serve you and the community better. We value all of our members and continuously strive to meet everyone’s needs.

We would like to hear your comments, questions and suggestions whether good, bad or ugly.

Here is how it will work;

1). Provide feedback/suggestions using any of the three methods below;

·         Emailing crossfitrailtrail@verizon.net (not anonymous)

·         Speaking with one of the CFRT coaches in person (not anonymous)

·         Dropping a note into the feedback/suggestion box which will be located in the backroom near the soon to be coffee maker (anonymous)

2). CFRT coaches will review all feedback/suggestions at the end of the week

3). We will then email all members in a timely manner with all the feedback/suggestions (will keep anonymous for all) from the prior week with the CFRT coaches responses and/or action items

Please let us know if there are any questions.

Best regards,

CFRT Staff