The Movie is:

The Goonies!

The Goonies!









Warm up and mobility

Partner WOD


“One Eyed Willie”

One partner works while one rests

100 Double Unders

200 Meter run, relay

60 Pull ups

400 Meter run, relay

100 Double Unders

600 Meter run, relay

60 T2B

800 Meter run, relay

100 Double Unders

IIntro WOD will be posted on board

Next week is Chris Monsini’s movie week! We are excited to see what he (and we guess Meg) will come up with. Occasionally we will enlist the help of our awesome members for our ongoing weekly movie trivia…so always be ready with ideas 😉 Also, Phil has been helping us get the back wall ready for our original flag logo. And by helping we mean he is totally painting it by himself on his own time. So THANK YOU Phil!!!!!! Again.