Saturday morning getting primed for the WOD

Saturday morning getting primed for the WOD

Warm Up and Mobility

Partner WOD

“Point Break”
Teams of 2 complete
21 x Deadlifts 95/65
15 x Hang Power Cleans
9 x Thrusters
One partner works while other rests. Can break up anyway you want, but must complete in order
Our first repeat partner WOD. To compare click here.
– Happy Birthday to Michelle C ( Saturday)
– Congratulations to Mike Wood on taking and passing his CrossFit L1 Exam. We knew you would do it Woody!!


Hey guys,

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the next Strongman class on Sunday, December 7th, at 12 noon.  I know I have some skeptics out there who don’t think they are strong enough to participate, but I assure you, you are!  As with CrossFit, everything is scalable in Strongman, and I will never make anyone do something they are not comfortable with.  I encourage you to try everything, but if you are not comfortable, there is zero pressure!  Just come have fun and learn some new stuff.  As more and more people participate, we will introduce new movements and new equipment.  I have a yoke on the way, so lots of fun to be had there!  Hope to see some new faces on the 7th ~ Kelly G