The Janets

Warm Up and Mobility

Warm Up Coach Lead
2 x 3 High Hang Power Snatch
3 x 1 High Hang Squat
Strict or Bench Press
50% x 8
60% x 4
75% x 1
85% x 1
95% x 1
101 – 105% + x 1
*Make Up Day for Back Squat %*
“It’s all in the reflexes”
Max Power Cleans 185/135
8 x Burpees over bar (Lateral)
10 x Deadlifts
Max Burpees 
Post scores for power clean and burpees 
Optional Core Cashout 
40 Ab  Mat Sit Ups  (Knees Bent) + Max Hollow Hold 
The Process 
Hey guys, I want to reiterate how important it is to stay with the programming. The programming is set up for you guys to achieve maximum fitness while remaining healthy and not over worked or over trained.  Any extra modification to workouts may lead to over training and potential injury. You guys are making huge gains and you will continue to do so when you stick to the plan. If you have been modified by a coach then it’s ok. Our number one priority remains your fitness and overall welfare. We are dedicated to giving you the best coaching, programming and community possible. Remember, there is a method to our madness!