Happy Birthday Marc D!

Happy Birthday Marc D! (Tuesday )

Warm Up and Mobility

Snatch Grip Push Press 1 x 10
Snatch Balance 2 x 5
OHS 2 x 10

T2B / K2E Practice
Max Height Box Jump

Off season Open Work
Max  set of strict T2B (Do 2-3 more reps than last time)
6 – 12 Pistols ea leg, use any means to ensure heel stays down throughout movement
Max Height Box Jump

For Time
Push Ups
30-30- 30- 30 -30
Sit Ups


 Time Management 

Hey gang, just want to talk about good time management for classes. Most of you already do this , but good for everyone to hear. Arrive early and prep for the class. You can start by setting up your white board with the work you plan on doing, if it’s percentages, get it all figured out (you can even do this before if you look at the wod online) Also write down the Metcon and make your appropriate set of tracking rounds, reps etc. When this is done start some foam rolling and mobilize your problem area. This is an area either we have told you need to work a lot or you can feel it that day. We always do class Warm up and mobility but may not be specific to your trouble areas. If you’re super stiff, get on the bike or rower and do a nice deliberate pace to get a light sweat going. This will help prime you for your workout. And of course smile and just be the awesome people that you are 😉 Now we understand you may not have time for all that,  but try to accomplish some if these things in the order we talked about. Proper planning the night before can also go a long way, as you will have any questions answered promptly in the beginning of class. Keep up the good work, and let’s get after it!