"Tall" Scott Young

“Tall” Scott Young

Warm Up and Mobility

Handstand Hold
10 x Wall Squat

Offseason Open Work
Max Unbroken Bar Muscle Ups (If you dont have them linked together build to a moderate set for you)

Build Big Set of Double Unders ( Top number from earlier in the week, if calves are smoked just skip this one)

Squat Hold w/plate

Strict or Bench Press Make Up
If caught up do
60% x 8
70% x 6
80% x 4
90% x 2
80 % x 3
70% x 5
60% x 7

“El Guapo ”

5 Round of

1 Minute of 2 x Power Clean and Jerk, you choose weight , 15 Seconds Rest
1 Minute of Max Calorie Row, 15 seconds Rest

We want to wish Scott Young well wishes as he goes away for three months for his military training.  Get after it big guy, see you when you get back!!