Memorial Day Weekend,  Never Forget

Memorial Day Weekend, Never Forget

Warm Up and Mobility

Partner WOD

“Necessary Roughness”
Row 50 Calories
50 x Air Squats
Run 400m
40 x Back Rack Lunges 135/95
Run 300m
30 x Ring Dips
Run 200m
20 x T2B
Run 100m
10 x Muscle Ups

One partner works at a time. Partners do not have to finish runs at the same time for the other to start in on next movement

Memorial Day Weekend

Take a minute to remember why we have a long weekend. All those lives lost while fighting for our beautiful country. Those warriors paid the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy weekends like these with our loved ones. We owe it to the fallen to live our lives to the fullest and keep them in our hearts and thoughts. Here are the names of the fallen from Massachusetts.  Take a minute to read their names, pause for a moment of reflection and thank our fallen Heroes. RIP

Operation Iraqi Freedom-Iraq

PFC Jordan M. Shay (USA) – Amesbury/Newburyport, MA
MSG Shawn Simmons (USA) – Hope Mills, NC (native of Ashland, MA)
SGT Charles Caldwell (USA/National Guard) – Attleboro, MA
LCpl Travis Desiato (USMC) – Bedford, MA
PFC John D. Hart (USA) – Bedford, MA
PFC Kenneth J. Iwasinski (USA) – Belchertown, MA (father), Chicopee (mother)
CW3 Kyran E. Kennedy (USA) – Boston, MA
SGT Gregroy Anthony Wright (USA) – Boston, MA
SGT Marquis R. Porter (USMC) – Brighton, MA
LCpl John J. Vangyzen (USMC) – Bristol, MA
CPL Donald E. Fisher II (USA) – Brockton, MA
Capt Anthony Palermo (USA) – Brockton, MA
LCpl Gregory E. MacDonald (USMC Reserve) – Burlington, MA
SGT Alexander H. Fuller (USA) – Centerville, MA
CPL Andrew Zabierek (USMC) – Chelmsford, MA
Capt John W. Maloney (USMC) – Chicopee, MA
SSG Daniel A. Newsome (USA) – Chicopee, MA
SPC Peter G. Enos (USA) – Dartmouth, MA
SGT Gregory Belanger (USA Reserve) – Deerfield, MA
SGT Daniel J. Londono (USA) – Dorchester, MA
SPC Edgardo Zayas (USA) – Dorchester, MA
SPC Matthew Boule (USA) – Dracut, MA
SGT Mark Vecchione (USA) – Eastham, MA
SSGT William J. Callahan (USMC) – Easton, MA
LCpl Patrick J. Gallagher (USMC) – Fairhaven, MA
PVT Michael E. Bouthot (USA) – Fall River, MA
LCpl Geoffrey Cayer (USMC) – Fitchburg, MA
LCpl Shayne M. Cabino (USMC) – Franklin, MA
SSG Robert R. Pirelli (USA) – Franklin, MA
PO2 Tyler J. Trahan (USN) – Freetown, MA
SSG Darren J. Cunningham (USA) – Groton, MA
1stLt Travis J. Fuller (USMC) – Hampden, MA
LCpl Dimitrios Gavriel (USMC) – Haverhill, MA
LCpl Nickolas D. Schiavoni (USMC) – Haverhill, MA
SGT Alex Jimenez (USA) – Lawrence, MA ( father lives in Lawrence)
SGT Pierre A. Raymond (USAR) – Lawrence, MA
PFC Jonathan R. Roberge (USA) – Leominster, MA
SPC Ari D. Brown-Weeks (USA) – Leyden, MA
SPC Christopher Holland (USA) – Lunenburg, MA
SPC Gabriel T. Palacios (USA) – Lynn, MA
SPC Matthew Stanley (USA) – Wolfeboro, NH ( born in MA, father lives in Lynn, MA)
LCpl Edward M. Garvin (USMC) – Malden, MA
SPC Corey M. Shea (USA) – Mansfield, MA
SSG Alicia A. Birchett (USA) – Mashpee, MA
PFC Daniel A.C. McGuire (USMC) – Mashpee, MA
CPL David Marques Vicente (USMC) – Methuen, MA
PFC Norman Darling (USA) – Middleborough, MA
SPC Jeremy Bouffard (USA) – Middlefield, MA
Gy Sgt Elia P. Fontecchio (USMC) – Milford, MA
SSG Robb L. Rolfing (USA) – Milton, MA
SSG Joseph Camara (USA/National Guard) – New Bedford, MA
LCpl Michael Ford (USMC) – New Bedford, MA
SGT Adam Kennedy (USA) – Norfolk, MA
WO2 Stephen M. Wells (USA) – North Egremont, MA
Capt Joel E. Cahill (USA) – Norwood, MA
SSG Clint Storey (USA) – Enid, OK (wife and children reside in Palmer, MA)
PFC Matthew A. Bean (USA) – Pembroke, MA
1st Lt Brian McPhillips (USMC) – Pembroke, MA
SGT Glenn R. Allison (USA) – Pittsfield, MA
LCpl Jeffrey Burgess (USMC) – Plymouth, MA
SFC Robert Rooney (USA/National Guard) – Plymouth, MA
Capt Christopher J. Sullivan (USA), Princeton, MA
LCpl Alexander Scott Arredondo – (USMC) – Randolph, MA
CPL Brian Oliveira (USMC) – Raynham, MA
Capt Benjamin Sammis (USMC) – Rehoboth, MA
SPC Daniel F. Cunningham (USA) – Revere, MA
LCpl Walter O’Haire (USMC) – Rockland, MA
SPC Matthew M. Pollini (USA/National Guard) – Rockland, MA
SSG Joan J. Duran (USA) – Roxbury, MA
SGT Benjamin E. Mejia (USA) – Salem, MA (died from non-combat related causes)
SPC Michael Cook (USA) – Salem, NH ( mother lives in Haverhill, MA)
CPL Scott Procopio (USMC) – Saugus, MA
LCpl Eric P. Valdepenas (USMC) – Seekonk, MA
SPC David J. Babineau (USA) – Springfield, MA
PFC Markus J. Johnson (USA) – Springfield, MA
2nd Lt Joshua L. Booth (USMC) – Sturbridge, MA
WO1 Erik Halvorsen (USA) – Sturbridge, MA
Capt Jennifer Harris (USMC) – Swampscott, MA
SPC Jared Raymond (USA) – Swampscott, MA
SGT Kyle J. Harrington (USA) – Swansea, MA
SGT Shane P. Duffy (USA) – Taunton, MA
SGT Justin Garvey (USA) – Townsend, MA
CPL Paul N. King (USMC) – Tyngsborough, MA
SSG Joseph P. Bellavia (USA) – Wakefield, MA
1LT Andrew J. Bacevich (USA) – Walpole, MA
SGT Andrew K. Farrar, Jr. (USMC) – Weymouth, MA
SPC Kyle A. Little (USA) – West Boylston, MA
1LT Ryan P. Jones (USA) – Westminster, MA
PFC John Landry, Jr., (USA) – Wilmington/Lowell, MA
SFC Keith A. Callahan (USA) – McClure, PA (born in MA, Mother lives in Woburn, MA)
1LT Michael A. Cerrone (USA) – Worcester, MA
PFC Kerry Scott (USA) – Worcester, MA

Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan

Sgt Daniel M. Vasselian (USMC)-Abington, MA 
MAJ David L. Brodeur (USAF) – Auburn, MA
SFC Daniel H. Petithory (USA) – Cheshire, MA
SPC Christopher M. Wilson (USA) – Bangor, ME (mother lives in Chicopee, MA)
CPO (SEAL) Kevin A. Houston(USN) – Barnstable, MA
SPC Jonathan M. Curtis (USA) – Belmont, MA ( mother lives in Belmont, MA and father lives in Cambridge, MA)
SPC Stephen Fortunato (USA) – Beverly, MA
SGT Alan L. Snyder (USA) – Blackstone, MA
MGEN Harold J. Greene, (MAARNG) -Boston, MA 
SGT Alberto Montrond, Jr. (USA) – Boston (Roxbury), MA
LCpl Kevin Preach (USMC) – Bridgewater, MA
SGT Zachary D. Tellier (USA) – Charlotte, NC ( mother lives in Falmouth, MA and father lives in Groton, MA)
MAJ Michael J. Donahue (USA) – Columbus, OH (born in Boston)
SPC Mitchell K. Daehling (USA) Dalton, MA 
1LT Timothy J. Steele (USA) – Duxbury, MA
LCPL Matthew R. Rodriguez (USMC)-Fairhaven, MA 
SPC Scott Anthony Andrews (USA) – Fall River, MA
SGT Robert J. Barrett (USA/National Guard) – Fall River, MA
SPC Ethan L. Goncalo (MAARNG) – Fall River, MA
SGT William Woitowicz (USMC) – Groton/Westford, MA
PFC Evan W. O’Neil (USA) – Haverhill, MA
MAJ Brian M. Mescall (USA) – Hopkinton, MA
Capt Seth R. Michaud (USMC) – Hudson, MA
SSGT Matthew A. Pucino (USA) – Hudson, MA/Maryland
SGT Joshua D. Desforges (USMC) – Ludlow, MA
SSGT Christopher N. Piper (USA) – Marblehead, MA
Capt Eric A. Jones (USMC) – Mashpee, MA 
PFC Clinton E. Springer, II (USA) – Mashpee, MA and Maine
1LT Derek S. Hines (USA) – Newburyport, MA
Capt Davis S. Connolly (USAR) – Newton, MA
MSGT Gregory R. Trent (USA) – Norton, MA
PFC Michael R. Demarsico, II (USA)- North Adams, MA
Capt Kyle R. Van De Giesen (USMC) – North Attleboro, MA
SPC Brian K. Arsenault, USA, Northborough, MA 
SPC Matthew R. Gallagher (USA) – North Falmouth, MA
SPC Keith D. Benson (USA) – Norwood, MA
SPC Steven E. Gutowski (USA) – Plymouth, MA
SGT Benjamin W. Sherman (USA) – Plymouth, MA
CPL Ciara M. Durkin (USA/National Guard) – Quincy, MA
SFC Jared C. Monti (USA) – Raynham, MA
SGT Nelson D. Rodriguez-Ramirez (USA/National Guard) – Revere, MA
SGT James Ayube, II (USA) – Salem, MA
MGEN Harold J. Greene (USA) – Schenectady, NY (born in Boston)
SGT Michael Kelley (USA/National Guard) – Scituate, MA
PFC Paul E. Conlon, Jr. (USA) – Somerville/Mashpee, MA
1LT Scott F. Milley (USA) – Sudbury, MA
SFC Kevin A. Dupont (USA/National Guard) – Templeton/Chicopee, MA
PO1 Brian J. Ouelette (USN) – Waltham, MA
SGT Theodore L. Perreault (USA/National Guard) – Webster, MA
CPL John Michael Dawson (USA) – Whitinsville, MA
PFC Brian M. Moquin, Jr. (USA) – Worcester, MA
CPL Nicholas G. Xiarhos (USMC) – Yarmouth Port, MA

Civilian Casualties (former active duty veterans)

Harold E. Brown, Jr. (CIA & Army Reserve Major) – Bolton, MA/Fairfax, VA (Afghanistan)
Paul Protzenko, (US Army Veteran) – Enfield, CT/Agawam, MA (Afghanistan) Civilian Contractor 
Steven Eric Sullivan (Diplomatic Security, USMC, USN) – Westborough, MA (Iraq)
Glen Doherty, (USN, Navy SEAL Veteran) Winchester, MA (Kuwait) Diplomatic Security, Civilian Contractor

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