Matt Bruce

RIP Matt Bruce

Warm Up and Mobility

Movie Clue – Gam-Gam


Memorial WOD 
7 x T2B
10 x Back Squats 135/95
26 x Burpees over the bar

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Hey Rail Trailers. Just a little background info on Matts WOD. Matt Bruce was an amazing 26year old who lived every day to its fullest. In 2013 he got the diagnosis of having ALS. Once finding this out, Matt didnt let this stop him from living his life. With the help of Coach Mike I decided to come up with a WOD in dedication to Matt. We first did this on December 8th, 2013. It was an amazing turnout. I wanted to show Matt that during some of our toughest moments as crossfitters that we also never give up. So now, every December, on or around the 8th, I will be doing Matts WOD in memory of him. For anyone interested in donating please consider Compassionate Care ALS or Thank you to all who are going to beast this one out!