Happy Birthday Liz D!! (Sunday )

Happy Birthday Liz D!! (Sunday )

Warm Up and Mobility

Movie Clue – Roller coaster

Lurong Living Challenge

10 x Power Clean    L3 135/95 , L2 95/65, L165/45
20 x Wall Balls        L3 20/14 10/10′, L2 20/14 9/9′, L1 Med Ball Cleans 20/14
30 x Double Unders L3 Double Unders, L2 & L1 Single Unders


WORKOUT: The workout is a 13 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible) of Power Cleans, Wall Balls/Med Ball
Cleans, and Double/Single Unders.
The athlete begins standing in front of the barbell resting on the floor. At the sound of “3, 2, 1, go”, the athlete will
perform 10 Power Cleans before moving on to 20 Wall Balls/Med Ball Cleans, and then 30 Double/Single Unders.
After completing one complete round, the athlete starts again at 10 Power Cleans. The pattern continues until the
clock hits 13:00. The athlete must complete all the required reps for a movement before moving on to the next
movement or round.
• Weight lifting bar and collars
• Plates to load the appropriate amount for each level
• 20/14 lbs. wall ball and target
• Jump rope
10 Power Clean 135 lbs. 95 lbs.
20 Wall Balls 20 lbs.
to 10 ft. target
14 lbs.
to 10 ft. target
30 Double Unders – –
Scoring Note: The athlete’s total score is the sum of all reps
completed within the 13 minute time limit. This workout may
be completed at any level, independent of the athlete’s
benchmark WOD level.
Power Clean:
The barbell begins on the ground. The barbell must come up to the shoulders, with the hips and knees fully
extended and the elbows in front of the bar. The barbell must move in one fluid motion. In order for a rep to count,
the athlete must receive the barbell above parallel in a partial squat, with both elbows clearly clearing the bar,
then standing all the way up to full hip and leg extension before proceeding into the next rep. Touch-and-go is
permitted, but bouncing the barbell is not allowed.
Wall Balls:
In the Wall Ball, the medicine ball must be taken from the bottom of a squat, with the hip crease below the top of the
knee, and then be thrown to hit the specified target. The center of the ball must hit the target at or above the specified
target height. If the ball hits low or does not hit the wall, it is a no-rep. Using an additional ball, box, or other object to
check for proper depth is not allowed. If the ball is not caught between reps, it must come to a full stop on the ground.
Bouncing the ball off the floor is not permitted.
Med Ball Cleans:
This movement starts with the athlete standing and the medicine ball resting on the floor. The athlete must then do
a squat clean resulting in the ball in the frontal position above the elbows and the athlete in a full squat position.
Finally, the athlete will stand with hips and knees fully extended before the ball drops back down. In the squat, the
hip crease must be below the top of the knees.
10 Power Clean 95 lbs. 65 lbs.
20 Wall Balls 20 lbs.
to 9 ft. target
14 lbs.
to 9 ft. target
30 Single Unders – –
10 Power Clean 65 lbs. 45 lbs.
20 Med Ball Cleans 20 lbs. 14 lbs.
30 Single Unders – –