And the movie is....... (Janet D movie week)

And the movie is…….
(Janet D movie week)

Warm Up and Mobility

Partner Workout

“The Internship”
For time
100 x Wall Balls 20/14
100 x Lunges
100 x KB swings 53/35
100 x Box jumps
100 x Sit Ups

One person works at a time

Intro WOD

For time
50 x  Push Ups
75 x  Lunges
100 x Jumping Jacks
75 x  Sit Ups
50 x  Ball Slams

One partner works at a time

Alternative rep schemes will be available

Good luck to Janet D and Mike V at their competition in Rhode Island this weekend! And also good luck to Duane/Henry, Joe B/Justin,  PJ/Monsini, Olivia/Krystal F, Lucy/Michelle, Matt L/Gus, Carl/Brian M, Matt B/Loyd, Meg /Amy , Laurie P /Kristy, Kelly G/Sam K, Kerry/Amanda at their competition in Gardner Ma!

All you guys will compete hard and honorably and most  importantly have fun!! We are all behind you guys!