Coach LC and Barb are fired up for the Open! One more day!!

Warm Up and Mobility

Mobility – Top to Bottom
Skill Work – Work 2 biggest weaknesses

“Not on my best day”
10 x DB Deadlifts 50/35
10 x T2B
10 x Box Jumps 24 / 20
8 x Pull Ups
8 x DB Cleans
8 x Thrusters (light) bar or DB
6 x KB SDHP 50/35
6 x Burpees
6 x HSPU’S
2 x Bar / Ring  Muscle Ups
2 x Squat Snatch
Low intensity and focus on the quality of these movements. If need be, adjust the rep schemes to fit your needs. This not meant to be hard or taxing! Be smart, bring on 18.1 !
( Do not need to do in order, especially because of DB use)