Family Fitness !!

Warm Up and Mobility

Every 3:00 for 18:00 complete:

2 rounds

4 Bar Muscle Ups

12 Pistols

24 Double Unders

*Choose a rep scheme/modification that allows you to complete one round in about 1:00-1:15

*Example, if you complete your 2 rounds in 2:30, you rest :30 before beginning the next 3:00 round.

Options for BMU:
Hardest pull up option:
– 8 kipping pull ups or C2B
– 4 Strict pull ups
8 Renegade rows
10 KB/DB swings
8 Slider lat pull downs (one arm at a time, or two…watch video!  Find something that will slide on the surface you’re using)
Options for Pistols:
Assisted single legged squats (sit to chair, hold on to post, etc.)
20 air squats
Options for DU:
24 single unders
30 mountain climbers