The Monsini kids starting the new school year!

Warm up and Mobility

Part A:
8 Rounds
1:00 on/1:00 off
 3 Back Squats (from the rack, climbing) + Max Strict HSPU
*Score is heaviest set of 3 BS and total # of HSPU

(Must wear masks for Back Squats)

Rest 5:00

For Time:
4 x 400m sprints
Rest 1:00 between sets
*Score is slowest 400m sprint time

– Part A: In larger classes, athletes should plan to share a bar with someone, wiping the bar down and switching plates while the HSPU are being performed.  One athlete will work during the “off” minute.

– Part B: Coaches may decided to stagger the start of the first run if classes are large