Happy Birthdays to Ashley H and Sam K!! (Tuesday)

Warm Up and Mobility

Part A: 
EMOM 5: Choose a challenging # of Pull Ups to complete unbroken each minute [Note: Everyone should choose a pull up variation.  If working on getting your first pull up, perform band assisted.  If able to perform kipping/butterfly, focus on maintaining the same # of reps each round.]

2:00 rest to wipe bars/transition

EMOM 5: Choose a challenging # of Push Ups to complete unbroken each minute [Note: Athletes have the option to advance this movement to deficit push ups]

Part B:

3 Rounds (of each movement, 6 total rounds)
Every 2:00
Partner A: Max cal row
Partner B: 100 Double Unders + Max burpees 

1:00 rest between rounds
*Switch movements every round