Warm up and Mobility


Opening Day Version 7.0

Partner Workout 👫👬👭


8 x T2B
8 x Hand Release Push Ups
8 x Dumbbell Snatch (Alt) 50/35

1 x Deadlift 80% of 1RM

14 x K2E
14 x Push Ups
14 x DB Hang Power Clean (7 each)

One partner Runs 400m w/ a 45/25 plate while the other works on AMRAP

Its been an amazing 7 years and to celebrate we are again going to bump up our original Opening Day workout and add a different movements.Huge thank you to our amazing community and stellar Coaching staff for getting us to were we are today, through the pandemic and other trying times. The community is second to none and we thank you for everything you have done and continue to do!
We are so deeply blessed for every day we get to spend together and these last seven years have meant the world to us! Cheers and here is to many many more years to come Rail Trailers!!!