Warm up and Mobility

Banded Deadlifts 

6 sets of 3 reps building up in weight 

Add bands as needed to make resistance harder.

It teaches you how to accelerate the barbell through the mid and top portion of the lift

It allows you to build strength in the lock-out

It reinforces proper movement mechanics

It helps cue your lats to stay tight and engaged throughout the lift
For Time

21- Deadlifts 225/155

21- Box Jump Overs

21/18 Cal Rogue Bike 

15- Deadlifts 275/185 

15- Box Jump Overs 

15/12 Cal Rogue Bike 

9- Deadlifts 315/205 

9- Box Jump Overs 

9/6- Cal Rogue Bike 

Finish with- 30 Lateral Burpees over bar

Time Cap- 16 minutes