Handstand Walk Practice
Skill Progression
*3 Perfect Deliberate Wall Walks
*1 Wall Walk + 20 Shoulder Taps
*Practice lateral walks along the Wall (wall facing)
*Kick up to wall then move hands closer to wall
*Kick up further away from wall and walk to wall
*5ft walks to wall
*practice partner handstand walks out on floor


Handstand Walk
Every 90 seconds, 5 Sets
50-100ft HS Walk

Alternate Options:
3 Wall Walks + 20 Shoulder Taps on Final Rep
:30 seconds Nose to Wall Handstand Hold or Practice walking along wall

16:00 EMOM
Min 1: 8 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
Min 2: 100ft Mixed Rack OH/FR Carry 50/35lb
Min 3: 14/12 Calorie Row*
Min 4: Rest
*First round :40 or less then add 3/2 Calories on each round of the rower